Why all the commentary?
When the channel first began, I noticed most people just listened to Genesis chapter 1 and left. Therefore, what you see now was designed to keep people engaged and reading/listening:

  • Initially I posted the chapters of the book of Genesis
    • they listened to Genesis chapter 1 and left
  • Then I inserted an introduction podcast
    • they listened to that plus Gen 1-3
  • Then I added one long opening challenge podcast
    • they listened to the two intros plus Gen 1-6
  • Finally, I created short challenge podcasts before and after all the chapters. 
    • they listened to every chapter surrounded by those challenge podcasts
    • plus an additional thirty or forty messages!
  • I understand the challenge podcasts may appear visually intimidating, but they work! Those who listen keep listening. 

The Phases of the project

  1. Compile audio and text into individual chapters; for example:
    1. Genesis chapter 1
    2. Genesis chapter 2
  2. Phase 2: Compile the chapters into full books
    1. The Book of Genesis with commentary
    2. The Book of Genesis only (without commentary)
    3. The Book of Exodus with commentary
    4. The Book of Exodus only (without commentary)
  3. Introduce launching off points. For example:
    1. (This is for people with ADHD)
    2. If someone hears me mention my podcast on Soulmates, make it easy to go there and listen it (and then return to the Bible study).


  1. Hi all,
    I can't find the mention of which of the several existing translations are you using for this glorious project.

  2. I know you found this, mate, but in case anyone else has the same question: It's the translation by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton



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