The Book of Exodus

Exodus 2 (Moses slew an Egyptian)
Exodus 3 (Moses and the burning bush)
Exodus 4 (God teaches Moses to work miracles)
Exodus 5 (Pharaoh punishes Israel)
Exodus 6 (God reminds Moses who he is)
Exodus 7 (God attacks Egypt with plagues)
Exodus 8 (The plagues continue)
Exodus 9 (The plagues continue)
Exodus 10 (The plagues continue)
Exodus 11 (God decrees the death of Egypt's first-born)
Exodus 12 (Israel set free)
Exodus 13 (The first passover festival)
Exodus 14 (Moses parts the Red Sea)
Exodus 15 (Israel glorifies God)
Exodus 16 (God sends Manna)
Exodus 17 (Moses brings water from a rock)
Exodus 18 (Moses establishes the judges)
Exodus 19 (Israel hears God's voice)
Exodus 20 (The Ten Commandments)
Exodus 21 (Various death and ownership laws)
Exodus 22 (Various compensation laws)
Exodus 23 (Laws pertaining to feasts)
Exodus 24 (God on Mount Sinai)
Exodus 25 (Instructions for the tabernacle 1/3)
Exodus 26 (Instructions for the tabernacle 2/3)
Exodus 27 (Instructions for the tabernacle 3/3)
Exodus 28 (Design for the priest's apparel)
Exodus 29 (The priests are annointed and sanctified)
Exodus 30 (Offering procedures for sacrifices)
Exodus 31 (God gives skills to tabernacle craftsmen)
Exodus 32 (Israel parties)
Exodus 33 (Moses wants to see God)
Exodus 34 (Moses sees God)
Exodus 35 (Call for tabernacle donations)
Exodus 36 (Construction of the Oracle)
Exodus 37 (Tabernacle tent construction)
Exodus 38 (The metals and temple artifacts)
Exodus 39 (The cost of the tabernacle)
Exodus 40 (The tabernacle is complete)

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